Makeathon5 Devlog


Makeathon Banner Makeathon5 was our first hackathon, we participated as team “slimydudes” comprising of:

  • Zubair Mohammed (me)
  • Parag Goyal
  • Rachancheet Singh Kohli
  • Reetinder Singh

This was the first time we actually took an initiative to go to an offline event, I believe it was worth the time Makeathon trained us to develop projects as a team.

The Project

Herit We went in overambitious, planned to make a whole decentralized social media platform for travellers. The result was honestly disappointing, but we saw it coming. In personal opinion, I think it’s better to work on a smaller but more concrete idea which can actually be implemented within the alloted time frame. For a lot of beginner teams, it is also to pre-distribute the work among all team mates. In short:

  • Develop a fool-proof idea
  • Appeal to the buzz words that everyone seeks
  • Don’t develop a social media
  • Don’t complicate the server architechture
  • Make it easily deployable
  • Divide the work


We didn’t win the hackathon, but came back home with more idea’s. Planned for the future