HackByte Devlog


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HackByte was our second hackathon, we participated as team “ggbois” comprising of:

  • Zubair Mohammed (me)
  • Parag Goyal (dr manager)
  • Rachancheet Singh Kohli (aka Mr. Data Scientist)
  • Reetinder Singh (codename sleepercell)

ggbois sounded good, so we kept it in as a brand

The Project

Nord Introducing Nord, A concrete, privacy first streaming platform that doesn’t sell you for your data. Nord never collects any user data from its consumer(even their real name) and implies web3 authentication to maintain sessions and billing.

This project was everything we envisioned to do in the first hackathon, a complete project that did everything it aimed to do. We made use of modern technologies like NextJS, TailwindCSS, Flask, Mongo and were even able to integrate elements like Machine Learning Recommendations via Python-SKLearn and Web3 Authentication via Metamask.


We were the winning team at HackByte23